Roots Memphis Farm Academy is a farmer incubator program that trains and launches new, sustainable farmers in the Memphis region by combining sustainable farm skills training and small farm business management classes with an incubation process that connects graduates to land, financing, markets, and ongoing technical assistance and consultation.
The eight-month academic curriculum instructs aspiring farmers in small farm business entrepreneurship, planning and management, sustainable agriculture theory and practice, and small farm production skills. Students prepare an approved small farm business model to graduate from the academic program.  Those graduates then move on to an incubation phase, during which they manage a quarter-acre farm plot and demonstrate the capacity to commercially produce the crops reflected in their business plans.  Viable new small farm businesses then work with the Farm Academy to receive access to land (lease or own), access to start-up capital through community partners, marketing, branding, legal, accounting, and other ongoing technical assistance. Roots Memphis Farm Academy helps create and provide a market for its students and graduates, to ensure their long-term success, through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
Tuition is $1,800. Classes begin every January and July. Limited scholarships are available at the Farm Academy's discretion. Admissions are on a rolling basis.  Space is limited. Must be 18 or older.