More on the FDA’s Proposed Rules…. and a Kid Who Makes Us Want To Be Us

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The deadline to make comments is coming up at the end of this week on November 15.  We hope all of you local food advocates and enthusiasts will make your comments heard here.

To help you with making those comments, we are linking to a presentation put together by a local food luminary, Anthony Flaccavento, a BALLE Fellow, organic farmer, accomplished author, and current President of SCALE (Sequestering Carbon Accelerating Local Economies).  We hope you can use his presentation so that, rather than feeling like you're not sure what you would say, you can actually very easily make succinct comments that reiterate the points that local food economy enthusiasts are interested in.  A pdf of his presentation is found here.  It is very brief.  Each section of the presentation concludes with what helpful comments on each point would look like.  So be heard!

If you need a little emotional push to get you in the administrative rule-making comment period mood - and, really, who doesn't - check out this 11-year old speaking at a Tedx Asheville event, in which he explains why he changed his mind from wanting to be an NFL player when he grows up to wanting to be an organic farmer.  All we can say is, that was almost like if Kid President made a video with Joel Salatin (please happen)(how has this not happened).